Situation Room

There are generally accepted good business philosophies, strategies and practices that are clearly presented and demonstrated in the YourBoard Business Solution Media Library.

In addition, there are always unique situations that come up day to day in every industry and business that can be driven by many multiples of reasons to include business economics, market conditions or HR challenges that could impact the culture and productivity of your organization.

What I have found over the years is that a situation may be unique to your company but has probably been encountered and more than likely solved by someone who faced the same challenge at one point or another in their business lives.

The monthly YourBoard Situation Room is designed for the purpose of allowing client-members to submit unique situations or conditions that can then be discussed by the YourBoard Team of partners and presented to any client-member who wishes to attend the monthly on-line, live and interactive Situation Room Sessions.

Many of the Situation Room discussions are around topical information that will assist all attending owners and their Management Teams deal with challenges that many people face and several have probably solved over time.

Your YourBoard membership allows you and your Management Team to register for and attend the monthly Situation Room Sessions, with pre-announced topics to be covered.

You will find that you have faced many of the challenges that will, hopefully, be solved in the Situation Room.

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