The “Killer” Sales Presentation and Other Tools

The "Killer" Sales Presentation and Other Tools

by YourBoard | The Science of Business

 The “Killer” Sales Presentation and Other Tools Video Description

This video will help you build the bridge to your target market customer through a “killer” sales presentation and some other must- have sales tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some presentation Do’s?

Do have a presentation with pictures, bullet points, videos, etc.   Do talk about your products in terms of customer desire and need.  Do address and capture the lead buying influencer’s needs, wants, and desires.  Do give a highlight presentation including the high level needs of each influence category with the ability for each to drill down on their own.

What is Elevator Speech?

 Elevator Speech refers to the time you have while riding in an elevator with a stranger, when you may tell this stranger the important things about your company or products.  For this speech, you only have the time it takes for those elevator doors to open and close.  

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