Succession and Transition Planning

Succession and Transition Planning

by YourBoard | The Situation Room

Succession and Transition Planning Video Description

This video will teach you how to successfully plan and transition in the non-family owned business, and will teach you how to promote from within the business.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does succession planning and transition look like?

We should have at least tentatively identified “keepers” for every leadership, manager and supervisor role within the organization thanks to the performance agreement, but in some cases there is no logical candidate that “logically” can be thought to ascend to the next level.  It is up to the supervisor and manager to follow the philosophies discussed for the company to position a person correctly for the role.  This can only be accomplished by supervisors and managers committed to human tithing and committed to building a depth chart for each role.

What steps should be followed in assuming the new Senior Leadership Role?

 Quickly set a time and get input from your team before hiring a new senior leader.  Then, after you have made a selection, allow members of your team to meet with them and give their input to the potential new leader directly.  The new leader should meet with each department, and location team to be able to discuss the company’s vision and take questions.  


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