Making the Commitment to Strategic Planning

Making the Commitment to Strategic Planning

by YourBoard | The Art of Leadership

Making the Commitment to Strategic Planning

This video will discuss how to find quality time for strategic planning during a business day.  Strategic planning is vital to reaching your company’s full potential and increasing growth and financial performance, and finding time to work on the business is important to finding success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some important strategic connections?

The development of differentiated products and services using core strengths is an important strategic connection.  The most critical strategic connection involves understanding both the products and services that provide differentiated solutions and the target market where those solutions will make a difference.  The third strategic connection is understanding the channel to market to the selected target markets.

How can I make the commitment to strategic planning?

Set aside a time over several weeks to develop and complete the strategic plan.  Begin with one offsite session to begin the process, and follow up with shorter sessions each week for at least the first month.  Remember, weekly short sessions are better than long intervals between sessions.

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