“Keeping the Keepers”

"Keeping the Keepers"

by YourBoard | The Art of Leadership

“Keeping the Keepers”

This video will help you understand the art of understanding the “Keepers”, or the people who have the skills and attributes to create high performance work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to pay less attention to the Keepers, because they generally don’t need help?

There is a tendency to pay less attention to these associates because they are low maintenance, by leaving them on their own, they can lose heart.  It usually occurs when they are not included in something they believe they should have been a part of, or if they are not recognized or talked to about an open opportunity.  Be careful not to leave them out just because they need less supervision.

How do you keep your “keepers”?

After identifying your keepers, be sure to have a plan for their professional development.  This is key to staying in contact through the loop meetings and other forums.  It is also important to be certain that the “keepers” are charged with more responsibility and are involved with leading more tasks.

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