Creating a “High Performance” Organization and Company Culture

Creating a "High Performance" Organization and Company Culture

by YourBoard | High Performance Organization and Culture

Creating a “High Performance” Organization and Company Culture

This video will teach you how to build an organization, including hiring new people, better defining roles, supporting growth, and creating an engaging environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some important steps in Organizational Development?

First, you must create a high performance culture based on inclusion, respect, appreciation and recognition for performance.  After creating the product or service solution, the next task is to build a strong organization.  Having a team allows you to share the focus of driving your company to the next level, rather than relying on the leader to accomplish that critical task alone.

What are some important aspects of Individual Development and Alignment?

Individuals have their own sets of skills, interests, needs, and passions.  It is vital to create a synergy between an associate’s skills, personal interest and passion and the role they are assigned to perform within your company.  You must do what is most enriching for each individual to raise the overall performance of your company.  Spend time creating an alignment between the individual associates and the accountabilities of their roles within the company.

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