Bridge Building for Target Market Customers

Bridge Building for Target Market Customers

by YourBoard | The Science of Business

 Bridge Building for Target Market Customers

This video will help you link your differentiated product or service solution with the Target Market Customers who will place value on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What facts aren’t always evident in bridge building to target market customers?

One fact that is not always evident is that the selling, or new business development effort comes after the development and selection of the differentiated products and services and after the research to determine which target market customers will place value on your differentiated solution.  This means what we are selling and who we are selling it to must be determined before we go out the door to sell.

What must happen for the business cycle to begin?

The critical element of the business cycle does not begin until  a customer places value on your solution, purchases it, and the sale is made.

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