Advisory Board Benefits and Cautions

Advisory Board Benefits and Cautions

by YourBoard | Situation Room

Advisory Board Benefits and Cautions Video Description

This video will help you understand the benefits and cautions connected with an advisory board.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some benefits of an advisory board?

Advisory boards can bring unfiltered perspective to the wide variety and range of challenges that are always faced in business.  These trusted advisors have depth and experience with the issues and challenges that are at hand.  They can bring real value to your operation.

What are some potential problems of an advisory board?

Potential problems can occur when your advisory board starts to look like a publicly held large company Fiduciary Board and takes more time to prepare for meeting than what you get out of the meetings in the way of actionable advice. To be sure that your board is an advantage to your business, be certain that your board represents your needs for experienced ideas and advice.

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