Working with Difficult People: How to Work with Procrastinators – 60 min.


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Nobody likes it when they have to take up someone else’s slack. Perhaps you’ve been in this situation: a coworker said something would get done, but when the deadline was up, it turned out this person somehow never managed to get around to it. There are a variety of reasons for procrastinators behaving the way they do, but whatever the reason, having procrastinators in the workplace is frustrating and can end up causing even more work for you. To limit the negative impact procrastinators can have in the workplace, you need a set of tools and techniques at your disposal suited to the particular type of procrastinator you may be dealing with. ¬†This course discusses the characteristics of some common types of procrastinators you may encounter within the workplace, and strategies you may use to help you deal with their behavior.

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