Personal Productivity Improvement: Managing Your Workspace – 60 min.


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Business professionals know how difficult it can be to juggle multiple tasks, and often deal with an influx of paperwork and requests each day. When the workday begins, it can be challenging to know where to start, and employees often become overwhelmed. A major contributor to these feelings can be a disorganized workspace. If you work in a state of chaos, your mind will follow. By becoming more organized, you can also become more productive and avoid procrastination. This course provides business professionals with the information they need to implement positive changes in their working space. It addresses the overwhelming nature of tackling a space that’s piled-high with paper, has a disorganized physical or digital filing system, or is overrun with e-mails. You’ll begin the process one small area at a time until they have created a well-functioning, productive workspace. Once this is achieved, you’ll also be reminded that workspace management is an ongoing process, rather than an event – that is, improvements must be maintained.

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