Overcoming the Barriers to Decisiveness – 60 min.


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Knowing how to make a decision doesn’t always lead to having a strong decisive nature. Indecisiveness is often due to personal barriers that individuals use to protect themselves from failure. Fortunately, recognizing barriers as they arise can go a long way toward overcoming indecisiveness in the workplace.   This course introduces the concept of procrastination in decision making and the drivers that may cause you to stall when faced with several choices. A main driver in the decision-making process is fear: fear of making a ‘wrong’ choice. This course examines fear and addresses ways to overcome it. Recognizing that there’s no right or wrong decision is a first step; all you can do is make the best possible choice based on currently available information. This course also addresses how you can achieve an adequate level of information to make your decision; neither too much nor too little information will do, there must be a balance.

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