Operations Management: Management of Quality – 60 min.



Quality means different things to different people, organizations, and industries. However, according to quality guru Joseph Juran, quality means “fitness for use,” and another quality guru, Philip Crosby, puts it as “conformance to customer requirements.” These two important aspects are common to most definitions of quality. Management of quality is critical to two important goals of operations – producing products and services to customers’ satisfaction, and helping the organization achieve its financial goals. Operations managers set out performance objectives to achieve these goals and measure the organization’s quality-related performance against those objectives. A variety of best practice principles, tools, and techniques are used to manage and control quality to achieve performance objectives and meet organizational goals. ¬†This course helps learners gain a basic understanding of quality and its management in a service or manufacturing organization. The course introduces key quality performance objectives and their measures and identifies some quality management principles and how they help organizations achieve their quality-related goals. Finally, the course discusses quality management activities that are typically carried out at each phase in an organization’s operations.

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