Managing for Sales Results 3: Creating a Motivating Environment – 60 min.



Leading sales managers constantly encourage their salespeople to learn, grow, and become more skilled and knowledgeable about their business. Sales managers also know that, unlike in other fields, their team members deal with rejection every working day. A salesperson may also have to deal with issues not directly involved in closing the sale: Dealing with credit approval, billing, delivery, installation, and follow-through also provide potential for frustration and difficulty. The salesperson’s personality is unique, and requires a different sort of management. One of the things you may have learned about motivating salespeople is that if you try to motivate the individual salesperson, you will constantly be frustrated. In Managing for Sales Results, author and noted sales trainer Ron Marks points out that individual salespeople are motivated by so many different things and in so many different ways that to focus on individuals would be like herding cats. It’s more effective to work at creating a motivating environment. This course is well-suited for the new sales manager as well as the sales manager who is looking to refresh his or her approach. If you work closely with sales professionals and are interested in creating a motivating work environment for your team, this course is for you.

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