Essential Mentoring Techniques: Designing and Initiating Mentoring Programs – 60 min.



Mentoring programs are as varied as the organizations that implement them. Options include one-to-one, group, executive, and e-mentoring approaches. These all share common execution strategies that can establish your mentoring program as a viable function within your company. Understanding the goals required from your mentoring program and ensuring that support is available for both mentors and mentees will aid your decision on how to approach mentoring for your company. This course explores how to set up a successful mentoring program by looking at the elements that are needed to design and implement an effective program. It covers how to prepare and plan your program so that participants are oriented and connected effectively. And it explores the criteria for matching mentees and mentors to create fruitful relationships. You will also learn the importance of personal development plans and how to set the learning process in motion so that mentees can achieve their objectives.

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