Developing Your Reputation of Professionalism with Business Etiquette – 60 min.


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Your reputation often precedes you in any work environment. It can define your creditability, impact your career opportunities, and shape your relationships with your colleagues. Because your reputation is so important, you must proactively build a positive one if you want to succeed in your career. Developing a professional reputation takes more than simply having the right skills and talents for the job. It’s about being self-aware, polite, and essentially treating those you interact with in a respectful way. ¬†This course introduces you to the basics of how to act professionally and practice proper business etiquette. It also explains how to present yourself in the work environment, including looking the part of a professional and ensuring your workspace reflects positively on you. And it looks at how to ensure your personal activities don’t impact your work reputation, which is especially important in the time of far-reaching social media.

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