Dealing with Common Meeting Problems – 60 min.


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Have you ever been in a meeting where conflict got in the way of achieving meeting goals? Where someone dominated the discussion and others didn’t contribute at all? Where the discussion wandered and little was accomplished? The human factor can introduce problems in meetings, despite your best preparation and planning endeavors. But you can learn to improve the effectiveness of your meetings by evaluating them and addressing common problems that jeopardize their progress. ¬†This course shows you how to measure the effectiveness of your meetings, and how to intervene appropriately during meetings to get back on track when specific problems arise. It explores numerous cases involving lack of civility and decorum, poor productivity, and unbalanced participation, and equips you with strategies for handling these problems. Finally, this course surveys the unique challenges of the virtual meeting format, and provides guidelines for getting the most out of your virtual meetings in spite of these challenges.

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