Customer-driven Process Improvement: Basic Framework – 60 min.


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Letting customer needs drive your process improvement efforts can increase the chances that your product or service will be favored by customers  – the most important stakeholders in your business. Customer satisfaction is critical to the survival of any business. And organizations that focus on improving processes so that they can produce what customers want and need are likely to be more successful than those that don’t. Customer feedback, whether direct or indirect, gives an organization an opportunity to analyze its operations and processes to find ways to satisfy customers better and to develop a competitive advantage. This course describes these and other benefits and outlines a six-step framework for customer-focused improvement activities, which include identifying customer needs, translating those needs into process requirements, and implementing and sustaining improvements. This course also describes ways an organization can prepare to be successful at carrying out these activities by, for example, continually cultivating a mind-set that recognizes the importance of the customer.

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