Challenges of Facilitating – 60 min.



Dealing with challenging situations and behaviors is a part of any manager’s or leader’s job. Being observant, knowing what questions to ask, and being able to deal with conflict effectively are facilitation skills that can help when a situation becomes difficult. Managers who observe early signs of dysfunctional behavior  – behavior that impedes the progress of work in some way  – can prevent disruptions and help employees to be more productive. And those managers who know how to facilitate conflict discussions effectively can promote healthy debate and resolution of issues. This course identifies ways to help prevent dysfunctional behavior by getting to know employees and establishing some ground rules. It also describes how to respond to objections and lack of commitment that may hinder work progress. It outlines a process for dealing with objections that includes clarifying what the objection is, summarizing it, and responding appropriately. Finally, the course covers techniques for facilitating productive conflict discussion that will encourage employees to agree on a solution.

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