Trade Groups

A new online resource is now available for owners of privately held business. is a web-based, interactive resource that provides business support, counsel, advice and guidance so owners and their management teams can grow the business.

YourBoard helps business owners move from working in the business to working on the business. It fills in the gaps for your members and their leadership teams, with 24/7 access so they can get the information exactly when they need it.

Whatever the industry and whatever the size, YourBoard is the single source for business information.

Three Categories of Information
Help your clients take their business to the next level, improve financial performance and achieve organizational excellence. YourBoard includes:

  • Interactive video streaming sessions, including monthly advisory board meetings, and quarterly peer group sessions, business Q+As and guest speakers
  • 50 business solutions with 50 helpful videos covering the 4 categories of business.
  • Portals to expert support for connecting to functional business-level experts to fill in expertise gaps

Visit to learn more and recommend YourBoard as the online resource that takes your members to the next level of success.