Every entrepreneurial venture and company is different. There are many unique barriers that each business owner must overcome.

But there is one thing all businesses have in common from the start – the strategic vision.

Think of your business’ strategic vision as a seed. It’s a little nugget full of potential. And with enough nourishment, that seed can grow into a plant.

You don’t need a green thumb to know that a plant needs the right environment and consistent care to grow. Without the proper attention, the plant may not grow the way it should – or even grow at all.

In terms of your business, growing that seed into a plant is done through your strategic plan. Your vision must have a plan to be able to grow in a successful direction.

Nourishment is the key.

To nourish something is to provide the things that are needed for health, growth, etc. For a plant, those “things” are sunlight, water, fertile soil and the right climate.

The nourishment for a business is much more complex. Your business is nourished through leadership. Effective leadership converts the strategic vision into a strategic plan that sets the direction for the company and creates the roles and goals for each team member.

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