Q & A Sessions

YourBoard wants to be certain that you and your Team have on-going live and interactive support for both the YourBoard Library of Business Solutions videos and Execution Plans and also for any other business related questions you might have as you continue to develop and push the initiatives that will drive the improvements to your company’s performance and profit results.

Support is always available on the support line. In addition, YourBoard will go online, live and interactive on a monthly basis with any client-members who wish to participate to discuss and answer pre-submitted questions. Any questions not able to discuss and answer pre-submitted questions. Any questions not able to be answered during the live and interactive session will be answered directly off-line.

YourBoard’s monthly live and interactive business Q&A sessions provides client-members access to business support as part of their membership.

I invite you to join YourBoard, your web-based Business Advisory Board.

Gain Access to Live Q&A Sessions

Q&A Sessions, Advisory Group Sessions and Guest Speaker events are hosted in YourBoard’s closed Facebook Group using Facebook Live. To be ready to participate in these events, join our YourBoard Facebook Group.

This is different than following us on Facebook. You’ll request to join the group by following this link. Once we confirm your membership, you’ll have access to all of the discussions and Live & Interactive sessions hosted on our Facebook Live.

View Current or Past Live Events

Our past live events are available in the newsfeed of our closed YourBoard Facebook Group. If you’re already registered, go now to view the current event or a recent one you missed.

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