What is One Step in Getting the Leadership Ball Rolling

What is One Step in Getting the Leadership Ball Rolling

by YourBoard | The Art of Leadership

Getting the Leadership Ball Rolling

This video will help guide you through the process of deciding a leadership team and the process of moving your team from “tactical” to “semi-strategic” to “Strategic”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you successfully form a Senior Leadership Team?

You must carefully decide, based on levels of experience, which people are best fit for your leadership team.  Select people who occupy management roles, and plan to meet monthly with the Senior Leader, the CFO, Senior Operations and Senior Sales people.  Decide if anyone else is necessary, such as an HR representative or an Engineer leader. 

How will I deal with the issues of creating a leadership team if my organization currently does not have one?

You should expect suspicion and skepticism if a leadership team does not currently exist at your company.  You will need to personally invite people and ensure clear expectations are understood by your team.  While the team may take a while to create impact on the decision making process, the group will become a core team for development once they have time to grow into catalysts and facilitators for your organization.

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