The RROI Position and Performance Agreement

The RROI Position and Performance Agreement

by YourBoard | The Art of Leadership

The RROI Position and Performance Agreement

This video will discuss the RROI Position and Performance Agreement, including the RROI Roles, Responsibilities, Objectives and Initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the RROI so important?

The RROI is the 2nd most important document in business. The RROI provides the process that connects each individual, within their role, in the Strategic Plan. The RROI is the commitment the associate makes to the company and the commitment the company makes in return to each associate.

How does the RROI help create high performance?

The RROI is the cornerstone for building high performance because it creates an organization that is self-motivates and becomes the major differentiator that your company will bring to its marketplace.  The RROI process equates to high performance, which leads to industry leading profits.

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