Leadership’s Impact on Company Culture

Leadership's Impact on Company Culture

by YourBoard | The Art of Leadership

Leadership’s Impact on Company Culture

This video will teach you how to create and drive the internal environment of a company.  Learn the influences you can have over the company culture and how critical the leader’s influence is on creating “High Performance”

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills should you look for in employees?

First, determine the skill set you want your employees to have, and consider developing them further in a training program.  Be sure to hire associates with a degree of experience in skill areas you have selected, as well as aptitude to be trained through interviews and testing.

What should I ask of my employees?

Each individual must have the personal attributes and behavioral attitudes necessary to perform their role, fit well with the culture of the organization, and be self- motivated solution providers.  You should ask your employees to have a passion to succeed.

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