Creating a Positive “Brand Identity”

Creating a Positive "Brand Identity"

by YourBoard | The Science of Business

Creating a Positive “Brand Identity” 

This video will help you understand how to create a positive “Brand Identity” for both your products and your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are brand identities important?

Brand identities are important because they are the characteristics and performance reputation that your target market customers, and all of the support entities and stakeholders, assign to your products and services and ultimately to your company.

How is a brand identity established?

 A brand identity is established over a period of time by doing the same things consistently.  A great brand identity is assigned to your products or company for doing “great” things consistently.  In the creation, the leadership must device how they want their products perceived.  The hard part is converting who you are your products are to the brand identity you want to be known for.  Consistent positive performance outcomes, strategic services and strong interactive customer service and support are at the core of your brand substance.

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