Managing for Sales Results 2: Training Your Sales Team – 60 min.



Depending on how it’s handled and presented, training can be viewed by your employees as either a benefit or a nuisance. As a sales professional, you have probably experienced plenty of training sessions, and can likely think of at least a few situations when you wished you had had some training. You’ve also probably had training experiences that you found worthwhile and some that were just a waste of time. Now that you are the sales manager, how will you handle the responsibility of training employees? How will you handle the sales piece of a new employee’s orientation? How and when will you introduce new products to your team? How will you roll out new procedures and tools that your company needs your sales team to use? This course, based on the book “Managing for Sales Results” by sales management and sales training leader Ron Marks, is well-suited for new sales managers and sales managers who are looking to refresh their approach. If you work closely with sales professionals and are interested in creating a training program that is relevant to your needs as well as the needs of your sales team, this course is for you.

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