HR as Business Partner: Linking HR Functions with Organizational Goals – 60 min.



Fulfilling business and organizational goals is at the heart of transformational HR. Where transformational HR is in place, the HR function is directly involved in developing, refining, and implementing an organization’s strategic goals. An organization can measure its success only if its end goals are well defined. To define these goals, you must understand your organization and its needs. You can then mobilize the leadership and organizational capabilities to achieve the final result, and ensure all processes are aligned with these goals. ¬†This course examines the core functions of HR and demonstrates how you can use these functions to transcend administrative concerns and address the strategic objectives of the organization. It investigates the special transformational roles performed by HR leaders and the specific capabilities required to perform them. Finally, it leads you through the questioning process involved in assessing your organization’s readiness for transformational HR. This enables you to determine how well your organization is positioned to support new roles for HR, and identify the changes needed for a successful transition.

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