Monthly Advisory Board

One thing that privately held and family owned businesses put a great deal of value on is receiving outside perspectives on topics and sometimes challenges they face in their businesses.

There are never, it seems, a shortage of challenges that face business owners, senior leaders and their teams. Fortunately, most challenges are not totally unique to your business, but have been experienced and solved, in many cases, by others who have been faced with similar situations.

Many closely held, private and family-owned businesses employ an Advisory Board to allow topics and challenges to be discussed. Advisory Boards, used properly, can be of great assistance in many regards.

Monthly Meetings for Members

YourBoard has created what I consider a Super Advisory Board to accomplish, and even improve upon, the same mission. The difference is that YourBoard will invite experienced experts to its online, live and interactive Monthly Advisory Board Meetings to address the agenda items that you and your team submit for each meeting.

The selected topics for each Advisory Board Session are prioritized based on the frequency of interest demonstrated by the client-members who submit their topics. Any topics not prioritized on one month’s agenda will be addressed directly off line.

Your Team Is Invited

Your entire team is welcome to join this live, web-based interactive session. Your team can submit follow-up questions during this live session that will be directed to the appropriate Advisory Board member.

Experts will be selected for each monthly meeting based on the Agenda topics submitted by our client-members. Each meeting will open with a General Economic Overview of the State of the Economy and any potential impacts that you need to know about.

Having and Advisory Board makes good business sense. YourBoard’s Super Advisory Board of Experts are brought in to thoroughly cover each of the member’s selected topics. The Monthly Advisory Board is all included in your Membership.

Register for Advisory Board

Advisory Group Sessions and Guest Speaker events are hosted in YourBoard’s closed Facebook Group using Facebook Live. To be ready to participate in these events, join our YourBoard Facebook Group.

This is different than following us on Facebook. You’ll request to join the group by following this link. Once we confirm your membership, you’ll have access to all of the discussions and Live & Interactive sessions hosted on our Facebook Live.

View Current or Past Live Events

Our past live events are available in the newsfeed of our closed YourBoard Facebook Group. If you’re already registered, go now to view the current event or a recent one you missed.

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Example Agenda Items

  • Leadership & Strategic Vision
  • Labor Topics
  • Health Benefit Options
  • Leadership Style and Substance
  • HR Topics
  • Pro-Active Customer Service
  • Strategic Planning Process
  • Marketing Topics
  • The Decision Making Process
  • Organization & Culture Development
  • Organization Structure
  • Overhead Management
  • The RROI Philosophy
  • Business Model


  • Target Market Research
  • Gatekeeping/On-boarding
  • Product-Market Sets
  • Product or Service Pricing
  • Termination Process
  • Strategic vs Tactical Marketing
  • The 10-10-10 Sales Tools
  • Compensation
  • The S&T Communication Loops
  • The Red Zone, Win-Loss
  • Recognition Based Culture
  • The Forced Profit Approach
  • The Effect of the Internet
  • Brand Identity Development