Oxygen is a fundamental component of life. It heightens our concentration, gives us energy and so much more. Without it, our bodies would fail.

In the business world, a company’s culture is its oxygen. Without a strong culture, team members will not have the appropriate level of concentration. They won’t have the energy and engagement to do their jobs. And the business will fail in its essential functions.

The oxygen in our bodies is controlled by the power of the heart, pumping oxygen-rich blood to all our systems. If the heart is weak or malfunctioning, oxygen will not reach all the critical areas of the body to help them perform.

Who does the work of the heart for a business? That’s the responsibility of the CEO or senior leader. This person must drive the culture.

It is the CEO’s duty to motivate team members and ensure all business functions have sufficient resources for optimum performance. An ineffective CEO – like a weak heart – will hold the business back by inhibiting its cultural growth.

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